Anyone, anywhere from anywhere!


Our prices are in HUF, included VAT.

Please, in the last 48 hours before your trip take contact in your e-mail address/mobil number.

If you order VIP transfer, there are no foreign passengers.

We wait you 45 minutes after the planned landing time. If we must wait more, every started 15 minutes costs 500 HUF + VAT (750 HUF)

One, maximum 20 kg. weight baggage + one handbag (20x40x45 cm.) is included for every passengers. Every more or bigger baggages costs 1.000 HUF. Please, tell it this, when you order the trip.

Price for cleaning, after small contamination is 2.000 HUF + VAT; after big contamination (eg. clean upholstered parts) costs 10.000 HUF + VAT.

We can transfer live animals also, in same way, like in the airplanes. In case of dogs, a coop needs space for 2-3 luggage, the price is 2-3 times 1.000 HUF.

Additional prices:
Fare of the vehicles on duty (available for bookings beyond deadline and delayed flights, depending on capacity).

  • 1-8 people
    • Győr - VIE: 30.000 HUF
    • Győr - BTS: 30.000 HUF
    • Győr - BUD: 35.000 HUF
    • BUD - VIE: 55.000 HUF

Administration fee:
It is payable for bookings beyond deadline or for changes in confirmed bookings beyond deadline, the rate of the fee is dependent on the change but is a minimum of 2.000 HUF.

Late fee:
1-3 people 2.000 HUF/direction, 4-8 people 3.000 HUF/direction. We bear the additional costs should flights be changed or cancelled (later dispatch of vehicles, including those for new re-bookings due to flight cancellations). Should the re-booking or delay necessitate a higher price package, the service provider may demand the price difference.

Aerobus Hungary - airport transfers: Vienna (Schwechat), Budapest, Bratislava, Győr 2018