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Frequently Asked Questions (F. A. Q.)

What does it means 'collecting airport transfer'?

The interest is to collect passengers travelling in the same time and direction, thus we can offer them a much better fare than the alternatives. For example, passengers from Gönyű and Győr to Schwechat will possibly travel together.

How can I become a contracted partner?

This is an opportunity for the frequent travel partners. Contracted partners are able to pay in weekly basis and can have special offers. If you want to be a contracted partner, please call +36 96-411-922, or send e-mail to

Is it possible to travel with Aerobus to other airports than Schwechat?

Yes, from Győr to Bratislava and Budapest-Ferihegy too. You can find our prices in our web-page. For further information, please call +3696-411-922, or send e-mail to

What happens, if my flight is delayed?

In case your flight is delayed less than 60 minutes, the bus will wait you. If it's longer, we will find a solution for you. Please give us your mobile number to be able to contact you. The price of waiting you can find in our price list.

Is this possible to pay by credit-card?

Credit Card payment is not yet possible. You can use bank-transfer to pay your fare.

What are the cancellation conditions?

You may cancel your trip without a penalty 24 hours before departure. If you cancel within 24 hours, but the bus not yet started, then the cancellation fee is the 40% of the full amount. (After the bus has started 100%) In case of a no-show, aerobus reserves the right to keep the full transfer fee.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

You can find the terms and conditions under the following link: terms and conditions

What should I do, when I have an unanswered question?

If you have a question not addressed here, please send e-mail to (checked 0-24) or call us in workdays between 08:00 és 16:30 on +36 96-411-922.

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